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Life is Better with a Dog Unisex Soft Tee

Let's welcome back our line of tees to Galaxy Paw! 😍

Our tees feature 100% soft cotton for a very comfortable fit! Featuring one of our handmade designs, you can pick and choose from which one you like best. Please note that colors may be a little off due to showing it on a computer and not real life. All colors are true solid color. 

About our Tees: 

Our tee shirt designs and sizes are super limited meaning there may only be one of each size/color! We do this to not only test designs but so that we can have an ever interchanging inventory of things you like! Vote for designs on our IG stories.

How to take care of your new shirt? 

It's ideal to turn your shirt inside out to protect the design on the front and machine wash cold. 

What size am I?

Most products are fit to true size but if you feel like you need to go up a size based upon the measurements, that's okay. ♥

Anything that ships directly to you from our store is shipping eco-friendly from our warehouse in Phoenix, Arizona! 💚

Size S
Color White

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