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Our Mission

We are not just like any custom pet store where we just want to make a quick buck. Our main mission when working with customers one on one is to focus on their needs and their pet. We want to make an everlasting impression on both the pet and owner.

The first core value of Galaxy Paw is about customer service. You will not receive a REAL human at other places but here you will. You will talk to me aka Danielle, the founder of Galaxy Paw. We will talk about your pet, your order, and anything else that crosses our path.

I cannot express myself more when I say we need to protect our planet that we live on. All t shirt orders are packed with eco-friendly materials. With all other packages, I try to use as little as I can of plastic. Want to know something really cool? Each order placed on our site, we will plant a tree in Madagascar with the program, Ecologi - helping to build more forestation and protecting our wildlife.

I completely understand that pets are not "cheap"! I own a couple, I get it. I value myself on affordable prices for you and your pet.