Become a Space Cadet

Hey you! Are you looking to travel to space with a bunch of other pups? You came to the right place. Look below for more information on our Space Cadet program.

How Does it Work?

Your probably wondering, "What's in it for me?" We go you covered! The following are just a few benfits of the program:

• A FUREVER Discount of 20% for you.
• Your Followers recieve FREE shipping.
• Paid Commission of 12%

•You MUST at least post one story OR post per month. We do NOT require you to buy anything (we appreciate you if you do)! Templates are offered in the groups for use.

• On your pets birthday, you will recieve a 50% OFF code to the store to use within 24hrs.

• Exclusive VIP Cadet ONLY flash sales & giveaways. These are announced in the groups.

Ready for Space?

All you have to do is message us on Instagram @galaxypawco saying you would like to be a space cadet - we will get you ready for space than!

What Now, Captain?

Once you sign up you can start promoting the store! You will be added to one of our VIP Space Cadets Groups as well! This is where the magic happens behind the scenes of Galaxy Paw.

How can I promote your brand? - Simply by being active, posting to your stories about new arrivals/collections, & share photos of your own personal orders that you receive from us.

If you are wanting to login to your own dashboard to see your commission status and more, please follow this link:

Click Here